New Jersey

Blue Forever has joined with New Jersey Auxiliary Wives Behind the Badge to raise funds through Blue Forever T-shirts sales. A recent shirt donation will make each shirt sold 100% profit toward purchasing Belt Trauma Kits for Law Enforcement Officers in the State of New Jersey! Belt Trauma Kits contain QuikClot Combat Gauze, a SWAT T-tourniquet, gloves & a CPR mask shield. QuikClot Combat Gauze is the same gauze used by the US military during active weapons training and combat situations. This gauze is hemostatic and helps to clot blood and slow down traumatic bleeding. Having a Belt Trauma Kit is another tool a law enforcement officer could use to help slow down traumatic bleeding until EMS arrives. The power of a Belt Trauma Kit could help to save an officer’s life or a partner’s life.  These are the same kits used just last year by the New Jersey Turnpike State Police Officers to save two lives. All money raised in the New Jersey area will stay in New Jersey! Our goal is to outfit as many law enforcement officers as possible with a Belt Trauma Kit in your area! You can help today by buying a Blue Forever T-shirt on this web site.

“So that everyone has the best chance to come home.”