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Blue Forever, Inc. works to increase the awareness for Police Officers Safety, and to raise funds for purchasing lifesaving QuikClot Belt Trauma Kits (BTK*) for law enforcement officers throughout the United States.

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Kellie & Belt Trauma Kit

My name is Kellie Abbott. In 2013 I graduated from Haughton High School. In 2017 I became a Mississippi State Alumna with a Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Later that year I started Pharmacy School at Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy (East Tennessee State University) Class of 2021. While attending Pharmacy School and working as a Pharmacy Intern, I continue my love for service by working on my non-profit organization Blue Forever. After the death of my friend, Sergeant Tim Prunty, I felt it was important to make an impact on law enforcement safety. Through a news article, I learned about QuikClot hemostatic gauze and how it helps slow down traumatic bleeding until an individual can receive medical treatment. Immediately, I realized QuikClot gauze could have helped to save Sergeant Prunty’s life that night. Having the knowledge of a tool that could help to save a life and address a critical need in law enforcement safety compelled me to continue with my fundraiser to make a difference. I sell a signature Blue Forever T-shirt, host local fundraising events, and partner with other police supporters. With the money I raised I donate QuikClot Belt Trauma Kits. I’m now working to raise awareness of my personal goal for every officer in the state of Louisiana and nationwide to be issued a QuikClot Belt Trauma Kit, which contains QuikClot Combat Gauze and a SWAT-T tourniquet. These kits help to promote law enforcement safety and could prevent officer traumatic bleeding deaths, like Shreveport Police Sergeant Tim Prunty’s in October 2010. Since Blue Forever began in October of 2012 I have raised over $200,000 and donated over 2,737 QuikClot Belt Trauma Kits, over 300 SWAT-T tourniquets to 66 different police agencies in the states of Alabama, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Tennessee.

If you are interested in obtaining a donation from Blue Forever at no cost to an agency please contact us through email or Facebook message so we can tell you how our program works!

Blue Forever is non-profit organization exempt under the Internal Revenue Service  IRC section 501 (c ) (3 ). Donors can deduct contribution they make under IRC Section 170.

I would like to thank everyone who purchased t-shirts or donated to my cause. For more information on how to order a shirt you can visit my store on this web site: and follow us on Facebook page Blue Forever Inc or Twitter @blueforever__

Blue Forever donated QuikClot Belt Trauma Kit saved a life!

In May 2015 Shreveport Police officers were dispatched to a shooting. On their arrival they were faced with a highly volatile situation in which a suspect armed with a high powered rifle, had just shot a 16 year old boy, seriously injuring him and fatally wounding an adult female.  The young boy, who lay bleeding profusely in the street, was met by police officers, who arrived on the scene prior to the arrival of emergency medical personnel.  Upon retrieval from a patrol unit, officers quickly applied a dressing from a Quick Clot trauma kit, to the victim’s wound.  Having been used effectively on the battle fields in areas such as Iraq and Afghanistan, where severe blood loss was experienced, the combat gauze clotting kit’s results were immediate and effective in the stoppage of blood loss.  The shooting victim, whose life was saved, continues to recover from his injuries.

With her contribution to local law enforcement, it is clear that Kellie Abbott continues to help not only first responders, but those who we are sworn to serve and protect.

Cpl. Marcus Hines – PIO Shreveport Police


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